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VaLNGOS Documentation


VaLNGOS Valheim Wiki

The VaLNGOS Valheim Wiki is a community effort to document the features and nuances of Valheim and the VaLNGOS server suite. This website is intended to be a useful resource for everyone, including non-users of VaLNGOS. Welcome!

Get started with VaLNGOS: Visit our homepage


VaLNGOS overhauls the default unity gameserver with a finely tuned MMO oriented server core.

  • No Peer 2 Peer Networking. All game logic runs on the server.
  • Simple interface for modders. Write game logic in any programming language by interfacing with std streams.
  • Built in UDP frame analysis based anti-cheat.
  • Built in spam filter (naive-bayes)
  • Built in phasing load-balancer. Allows segmenting world zones to different threads/physical machines
  • Non-blocking io pipeline. Movement and world-entity UDP frames are never blocked.
  • Written in Rust. No garbage collection. Bare metal performance.

Learn more about VaLNGOS features (coming soon)

Use Cases

VaLNGOS is designed to allow for easy configuration and modding. Understanding VaLNGOS Core is not required to make gamemodes, because of our unique decision to export opcodes over the standard stream interface.

Here are some ideas VaLNGOS Core could power:

  • Minigames
  • Faction Wars
  • Fast paced shooters
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